Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Touring Croatia - Part 15

We got up at 5 am or as Karin would say, in the middle of the night, to have our breakfast at 06:15 as we left again by bus to Drvenik.  The first thing to do at any stop was to find a Wi-Fi hotspot to update the families of what we were up to.

From Drvenik we took a ferry to the island Sucuraj.  Not using ferries in South Africa seeing our bus come along on the ferry was really amazing.

Views from the ferry.

Once we arrived in Sucuraj we went by bus further to Hvar which was a nightmare of a road especially on a bus! Here we did a little sightseeing and had a drink.

We then got back on our bus to travel to Jelsa where we’d spend the night.  We had time to take a walk on a beach but the little pebbles (being used to sandy beaches) hurt like hell. 

After exploring the area around the hotel, we had a couple of drinks and here Karin can be seen contacting husband number 2 before dinner.

In every hotel our beds got closer and closer together.  We should just have shared a double bed, not that I think sleeping with someone who covers your face with her pillow during the night, is that much fun. Doesn't she look lonely here?  I think she missed husband number 1.

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