Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trip to Kimberley

Karin and I drove all the way to Kimberley (city of diamonds) today to do what we promised we’d never do soon again....... shopping for fabric. We found this amazing fabric shop selling quilt fabric at less than a quarter of the price other shops do, making a trip of slightly more than an hour worth our while.

The owner, Mr Imtiaz Wookey, must be one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and one amazing shop owner greeting every customer by name and you can bet his shop was buzzing with clients. We even met quilters coming from Cape Town to shop here. Here Mr Wookey is cutting one of the 59 meters of fabric I bought just for personal use let alone the orders I took for fellow quilters.

After spending 2 solid hours in the shop we went for breakfast at the Big Hole, Open Mine Museum seeing that Karin hasn’t been there in ages. We ate at a place called the Occidental Bar and I’m still wondering what this word means.

Karin at the entrance

Me at a tavern from the days gone by

The shopping nearly killed Karin
so here she fits for a coffin

A hearse from those days
looking more like something
from a Cinderella story.

While in Mr Wookey’s shop, another customer told us about a quilt exhibition in the museum and we ended up at the wrong museum at first finding this memento from the ‘apartheids’ era.

Finally got to the right museum and saw these beauties. Then I made Karin pose at what must be one of Kimberley’s most famous landmarks – miners holding up a diamond digging pan with the water rinsing the stones.

A lovely day, nice trip, good company, so now I have to turn those fabrics into quilts.

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  1. WOW! I thought that I had a stash of fabric enough to open up my store, but you have me beat by purchasing that many meters of fabric. I definitely want to see your finished projects.