Saturday, November 27, 2010

Online video course offer

I found an excellent 10 lesson online quilting course called “Quilting Quickly: Patterns, Techniques and Tips”. Any person who would like to do an intensive beginner course, using pre-cuts, in their own time and at their own pace, should consider doing this at a very reasonable price of $39. Even seasoned quilters can do this to refresh their memory, ‘get back to basics’ and learn many more options on making quick quilts from pre-cut fabrics.

While following lectures on video, for once, you will be in charge of the neat remote control on your screen. You can pause anytime to fix yourself a cup of tea or test any of the instructions you saw, skip to another chapter or even move forward to the next lecture. Not only is general quilting techniques shown and discussed but tools to make the job easier are demonstrated.

Before starting a new chapter you will be able to go to a link on the side of your screen allowing you do download a PDF document with all the materials needed for every lesson so you can buy your fabric in advance and make your project step-by-step along with Jenny’s instructions.

Jenny Doan, the presenter, has a clear voice and comes across relaxed showing examples of most everything she talks about. The really neat part of this course, to me, is that when you follow any of the lectures and quilt along with these, you will end up with a completed quilt top or project.

I’ve been quilting for 10 years now and even after having made heaps of quilts I found this course’s instructions for half square triangles the best and fastest method ever and I’ve never seen this anywhere else.

The other very nice feature of this course is the ability to post a comment, ask a question and Jenny and your fellow course mates will answer or give their take on a solution to a problem. Once you’ve signed up for the course you only need to remember your password and you can come back to the site and continue your course whenever you feel good and ready to do so.

I have been given the opportunity to give this course to my blog readers at a discounted price of ONLY $19!! So what are you waiting for? Copy and paste the link at the bottom to make use of this special deal.

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