Sunday, November 07, 2010

Quilting thru the night - Friday

This time my house, same people - each working on her own project. I finished one panel of the summer Bargello but then turned my attention to unpicking the stitching with tension problems on my Scrappy Bargello method 1 and guess what? - Karin and Marie did not even bring along one single sweet, petrified of the sugar high we apparently get from eating these. So we very maturely had a decent seafood meal before setting off to work.

Notice we’re all wearing red? This was in support and sympathy with one of our local female doctors having been raped by thugs while on duty at the hospital. One can only wonder when our government will step up and do something about the high crime rate in our beautiful sunshine country.

Earlier the day I went to the post office to fetch my order from IHAN and I could show off my leave rulers. Still not sure when, where and why I will use these but let’s give Kelly, IHAN CEO credit, she is one hell of a sales person. I always end up buying stuff after reading her blog posts.

Now looking at this last photo – this was about 3:15 am – who needs sugar for a good giggle when things like these happen. We laughed ourselves wide awake!!!

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  1. Sewing with friends must be a log of fun!