Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Only a little quilting on a Monday

I usually don’t quilt much or any on a Monday for it is my “rescue-this-house-after-the-weekend” day and I’ve been particularly busy having to do grocery shopping, get in a trip to the pharmacy for multi-vitamins for my burnt out family and a couple of other nitty-gritty errands, so on Monday evenings I am rather tired. Had to stay focused however as Frances, fellow quilter and soon to be quilt judge – the only one from our guild – came over to critique a block of mine for one of her assignments. She too had heaps to do and didn’t stay long but then DH couldn’t get home from the office early as the married kids had their very first brand new bed tailor made to their liking and dad offered his company driver to fetch their bed from a town called, Rustenburg, where the bed was made. He then waited for the driver to return and I waited for him to serve dinner, so I did some quilting simply to stay awake.

Friend Karin thought it would be a good idea if we did the mystery quilt currently running by Bonnie Hunter, called Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll. Unlike Terri from Threadtales, who decided to stick to Bonnie’s suggested fabric colors in fear of screwing it up, I reckoned by now I’m so used to screwing up, I might as well select different colors and at least feel at home with what I’m doing. The screwing up part started from the offset as first I cut my strips 3” instead of 2” and then I pressed the seam allowance to the wrong side and only read the instructions again after sub-cutting! See, I already feel right at home with this mystery. So here goes part one of the mystery and I luckily have until Friday to finish before part 2 will be unveiled.

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