Friday, March 24, 2017

Still flying high

I still receive my daily Flylady e-mails to help me regularly declutter and maintain my house and when starting the next step of my Freestyle quilt, we’ve reached zone 2 in the Flylady programme which is the kitchen and in my case especially my appliance pantry.  Sounds glamorous but it used to be the pantry but got too warm in summer and now I simply keep all my kitchen appliances that I don’t use on a daily base and cleaning stuff in there.

So I made it fun.  Set my timer for 15 minutes and wiped down any and everything in the pantryand reorganised these.  When the alarm would go off, I’d stop there and then whether the rack was totally clean or not, take a quick break, go to the sewing room, set the timer again and start cutting my circle applique shapes for my quilt.

You’d be amazed at how much gets done this way.  More than once I did so well with a task that I truly believed I’d forgotten to set the timer but alas just as I was about to check, it would go off.

Now my pantry just have to hold so much stuff that it will never be picture perfect but at least I know it is clean and sorted and hopefully I will remember where I put what!

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  1. ve been trying to clean something for 30 minutes each day and it is working until I go in the sewing room. I seem to drag out more than what I need to and just don't put it back. I have been on a mission to get cutting done everyday. I did make a space to do that and I feel better about doing that. Glad you have the skills to be organized. I never learned those skills. Looks good. Chris