Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How lucky can one get?

Just before the weekend I saw an internet post where a quilter shared the built-in laser in her sewing machine.  Not long after that another quilter showed how she used a laser tool bought from a hardware store to stick to her machine.

The laser light comes in handy when you need to sew from corner to corner with HST or joining a binding, you then don’t have to draw lines on your fabric.

Now Karin and I, still doing our mystery, had to draw umpteenth of lines when we did our flying geese round on the quilt.

So I showed the pic to DH and by golly, he came home last night with a little laser tool, made a metal clip that simply hangs off the top of my sewing machine and then the magnet at the back of the laser adheres to this metal clip.

Can’t wait to do my next flying geese or join a binding.  I think this is so cool.

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