Saturday, March 18, 2017

Jo’s Mystery Medallion Step 3

On Wednesday it was my turn to host friend Karin for this step and I prepared stuffed marrow bones on toast as a starter.  Coq au Vin Blanc as part of the main meal and Crème brûlée for dessert.  Oh I do love using French to describe a dish as the main was basically chicken cooked in white wine but it just seems so much more sophisticated in French. I must admit I screwed up the Crème brûlée at first but then Kairn realised what I did wrong and I could fix this.

We decided to only cut together as we chat, eat and drink way too much to do more.  Then we could each stitch on our own to complete this section of Jo’s Mystery Medallion.

Karin’s was already done by Thursday but I had to wait until today before I could continue with this.  So I decided to celebrate National Quilt Day on my own and I am not complaining.  Thinking on how I would have to pack up everything to attend a guild or group gathering in another place tires me.  At home I have everything I need in their place and I don’t waste time travelling.

I am also in the process of deep cleaning my sewing room starting from the ceiling with a wet cloth and working my way down, inside every cupboard, rack and drawer.  So I alternate my timer for 15 minutes cleaning and then 15 minutes sewing.

This is the result after step 3

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