Monday, March 27, 2017

Jo’s Mystery Medallion – The final 2 clues

We got both the last two clues on one day and for this gathering it was Karin’s turn to host us.  Sadly again, we started off cutting energetically but once we started eating, cutters and fabric were all forgotten and did Karin splash out with her meal!

Pre starter shooters, cold prawn starter, fillet with crusted veggies as part of the main, black forest chocolate cake for desert, followed by more sour shooters and finally chocolate to enjoy at bedtime. Just look at all of this!

So we were left once again to work on our own and get up to date with our final steps.  I however needed to see our grandchildren over the weekend and I knew my progress wouldn’t be too fast.

Had all the kids and grandchildren over on Friday evening but they had early morning appointments, so our little princess didn’t stay for the weekend and I could get sewing.

This mystery would have ended in a perfect square but I have no place or need for a square, so I decided to change it somewhat.  The instructions had a 4 patch round followed by a 6 inch border and 4 pinwheel cornerstones.  I opted for a smaller border first followed by the larger border and the pinwheel corners just on the top and bottom to make the quilt longer to at least fit granddaughter’s single bed.  These were my changes.

The fastest bed-sized flimsy I’ve ever done. Now just to bat and back.

Before packing this project up I even remembered to cut strips for my Scrappy strips project.  Getting the hang of it, I hope.

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