Thursday, March 09, 2017

Freestyle quilt continued

The next step in completing this quilt was to use a piece of unprinted newspaper to roughly pin out the centre of the quilt where I wanted the big applique piece to be.  Having used 10” blocks made it easy and my paper had to be cut 30” x 60”.

 I then drew an abstract shape freehand as this needn’t be perfect.

This was then cut out and laid on the top again to see whether I was satisfied.  Now in all honesty even if I wasn’t 100% satisfied (which I luckily was) I would not have gone through this whole process again.

 Then came the tricky part; tracing the shape onto applique paper.  Fortunately I didn’t have to bother about reverse image but the applique paper was not quite wide enough and again, refusing to just go out and buy more, I opted to join the paper and make do with what I have. Having a cat as a helper is also no fun at all. (In hindsight…… never join applique paper, it turns into one big mess with the one paper stuck to the other ripping the gluey part off your fabric, lesson well learnt!)

 Okay with that done I wanted to show the piece of fabric that lead to my decision to start using my stash.  This print must have been in my cupboard for 5 or more years and I just figured it was time to use it.


  1. Being creative isn't always easy. In our minds we have a vision of how this should work and sometimes it never comes out this way. The fabric is very rich looking. Anxious to see how this turns out. Chris

  2. So bly om te sien jy kan weer kwilt. Lyk baie interessant. Die skouer skaars reg en sommer 2 nuwe projekte! Dis mos hoe ons rol!