Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Log cabin cats

When I started my quilting lessons in September 2004 my future daughter in law made it very clear that she didn't like quilts at all as she found all those tiny colored fabrics just too much.

As I continued quilting she however often gave her opinion on what she thought would work nicely and I found that she had a natural nack for combining colors.

In August 2005 I saw this cat-print fabric and knowing that Lianda (daughter in law) just loved cats, I bought a piece and decided to anyway make her a quilt using the cats. In a magazine I saw a similar quilt with horse pictures framed with log cabin blocks and decided to make my quilt in the exact same manner.

I planned to give the quilt to her as a Christmas gift and had to work in secrecy which meant I had to hide the quilt rather suddenly more than once. Luckily she never caught me. The day before Christmas I only had to finish the binding but then 2 of our dogs had a fight and the smallest was so badly bitten that I had to stop working and attend to the dog's needs. So the quilt could only be finished off on Christmas day and I handed it over to her on the 26th of December. She loved it.

Completed: 25 December 2005

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