Monday, September 18, 2006

Beginner's sampler quilt

On 4 September 2004, I officially joined a quilting course for beginners at our local Bernina shop with Iessie Steenberg as our teacher. These classes were presented every second Saturday and although all of us made the same pattern, we could choose our own colors. Some days were better than others and I often felt like giving up but knowing that the other ladies had the same difficulties, kept me trying one more time and eventually finishing.

I never looked back on a completed block and simply filed it along with the notes given at a class and it was surely a lovely surprise when on our last class, 21 May 2005, we unpacked and arranged our blocks.

The quilting part was the most time consuming as our teacher expected us to use as many as possible different quilting techniques which included meandering, stitching in the ditch, motif stitching, echoes and hand quilting.

Completed 17 June 2005.

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