Thursday, August 09, 2018

Progressive Detail quilting – 6

We are celebrating National Woman's Day in sunny South Africa and with hubby gone on a golfing trip and my big kids (with grand babies) also taking a break near the coast,I have me, as a woman,  all to myself.  PJ's will be the order of the day.

Okay, week 3 of diet but week 2 fell flat, so technically only week 2 now.  Day 1 is the hardest, so I chopped a tomato, onion with a little salt, pepper, sugar and brown vinegar and whenever the urge to eat arise, I would have a spoonful of that.  It gets me to dinner (no breakfast or lunch, only water, coffee and wine)….. need to buy a cucumber to add to the mix. I am however still 1 kg lighter than what I was when I started the diet.  So hopefully eventually I would lose some weight before summer.

My second top of this course was just as tedious an ordeal to mark beforehand….. I hated every step of the way.  Worst part being, me having watched the whole video of what to quilt where but by the time I got to the next section I couldn’t remember what the heck I did in the first section.  As Angela Walters (or some other famous free motion quilter) once noted you need to take photos as you go along to remember this crap.  With my bad memory I need photos and graph paper sketches which takes up so much time it feels I am losing valuable quilting time.

I haven’t learnt a new technique or motif but with this course you can see how to have different layouts and markings on the same quilt.

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