Friday, May 12, 2017

Scrappy strips 6

I’ve deep cleaned my whole house since the beginning of this year and I still keep my house divided into 5 zones therefore I get to go back to a zone every 5 weeks.  This week I am back in the kitchen and with trusty timer set for 15 minutes, I wipe out a drawer, rack or cupboard at a time.  In other words I am maintaining my cleaning programme.  In between the 15 minutes for every task in the kitchen I take a quick break to type a post like this, take a couple of sips of wine, read my mail or just take a break on Google, then the timer would be set again but this time it will be to quilt.

When I had my sewing room cleaned for the first time, this is what it looked like in the evenings when everything was packed away and I thought I’d keep it this way.  Well yeah…. That must have been before I started my scrappy strips quilt.
When I cut strips to sew into strip sets I need to pack these out to see that I don’t use the same colour/strip/set too many times, so everything is laid out onto every flat space possible and it is all but tidy. 
 We were promised a cold weekend due to the first snowfall in Lesotho so I guess I’ll just keep cutting strips then!

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