Monday, May 29, 2017

Block 29 – Bev

MIL turned 86 yesterday and I had her, the kids and the grandchildren over but unlike the Sunday lunches I imagine in other houses, ours is hectic and extremely noisy.  Sometimes I wonder if MIL sees an invite from us as a pleasure or punishment.

Granddaughter already came to us on Saturday and slept over.  So we did not have a neat and tidy house to welcome the visitors into.  Luckily they are all family.

Before long granddaughter had everyone colouring with her, then some dancing on the bar counter, followed by a game of “duck-duck-goose” (I think??) around the dining room table.  Grandson has started to eat and enjoyed his pumpkin and is such a friendly little soul.

With everyone gone and the house turning extremely quiet I had time to finish this little block.

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