Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dinosaur rag quilt – 1

I usually leave the office early on Tuesdays as our dogs are locked outside since 06:30 to allow my once-a-week cleaning crew to enter the house and do their magic.  The space the dogs are kept during this time is not the biggest and I always feel terribly sorry for them and then come home earlier to allow them in.

This Tuesday was no different and with no cleaning to do, a frozen dinner ready to use, only a tiny bit of laundry and very little errands I had plenty of time on my hands BUT (the usual) I just didn’t feel like doing any of my current WIP’s and needless to say, it lead to me starting yet another project!

I found this lovely Dinosaur fabric at our local Pfaff quilt shop and realised I haven’t done as much quilting for our grandson than I have for the granddaughter – she does however have a 4 year head start on him.  So even though I’ve never made a rag quilt, I decided to try my hand to this.  After watching several You Tube videos, reading tutorials on the internet and a couple of blogs describing their process, I did a layout in EQ, ready for action whenever I was and then Tuesday turned out to be the day.
I had to cut 70 x 9½” squares from my black for backing and with that depleting all the plainish black I had in my stash.  Major shopping to follow soon?!
Most posts suggest cutting through all 3 layers at the same time but because I used fabric with different widths, I chose to cut each layer separately and then line these up again.

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