Sunday, January 08, 2012

Not my intended post for today

I wanted to post something else and may still somewhat later BUT I just read the blogs I follow regularly and saw this idea for 2012.  Now if I take time to write about it, it MIGHT just mean I have every intention to participate and I guess I'm hoping that a couple of my friends MIGHT just decide to join me and in doing so keep me motivated to finish it.  I'm thinking Karin, Wilna, Natasha, Sonja, Daléne, Breggie, Rina, Charlene, Kokkewiet, Marie, Chris (Sewing Junkie) ...... if your name is not here it is simply because I was too lazy to type more not because I don't think you should participate.

The reason why I popped this post in now, is that this project has already started, so we're all already behind.  We better get going but enough talking, check this out HERE

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  1. I saw this post also. I have been thinking about it. Instead of paper pieceing I thought about hand piecing. Good pick me up work. I will let you know tonight. I will try one and see where it takes me. Chris