Sunday, January 08, 2012

Do you have pajama days too?

Years ago I phoned a neighbor one morning and when she answered the first thing she said was:  “You can ask me anything as long as you don’t tell me you want to come over”.  I thought “how rude” but asked “why?”  She then explained that she didn’t plan on getting dressed that day.  It was winter and I still pictured her butt naked in the freezing weather and didn’t quite understand when she explained that she occasionally was so eager to get going with what she wanted to do for the day that taking time to get dressed seemed to simply be a time stealer.  So stay in your pajamas and save 30 to 45 minutes.

I found this a great idea but had less success than she had for every time I stayed in my PJ’s someone would come over whereas those days that I’m dressed for success I would often times not see a single soul.  The nice part came in when I would try to apologize for me being in my PJ’s at 3pm and then simply get a wry smile from the other person with a “I have those too”.

So with it being the last day before DH starts to work again tomorrow therefore still having somewhat of a slack routine at home, I chose this day as one of my Pajama Days.
Got this silky black and red number from my blonde for Christmas and as for the pinning board behind me with the blocks being so ugly pinned.  I gave up on this.  Dear little Ash thinks it is the funniest thing to climb up the pinning board and pull out my pins with his teeth.  Not that butter could melt in this mouth as he slept by me today.
DH surely broke all his rules when he stayed in his PJ’s too but wandering soul that he is, soon called me to see this….
One of our female tortoises laying a load of eggs and this is only one of several nests between the two females this summer.  While outside I took a photo of Tanya, a smaller rescue tortoise who only now learns to eat more than just her preferred lettuce.  Unfortunately all I had to compare her size was my dirty size 5 garden flip flops.
Then finally I snapped the previous (Feb 2011) little ones that can actually now be released in the wild.  They are healthy and strong enough.
With the breeding program photographed I got working on projects for our National Quilt Festival’s goodie bags and wrapped up another months’ worth; writing the month and amount I finished on the bag to drop by Karin whenever I go in her direction.
What a lovely surprise I got when after I did this I went to my PC to write down my progress and realized that I already made my quota for March and this lot would then actually bring me up to date until April 2012!!  Just love it!

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  1. I wish I could have more pajama days! Days like that force me to stay home and get my housework done (read: sew all day and do one load of dishes.)