Sunday, January 29, 2012

I am trying

DH had his birthday earlier this week and I bought him a Weber grill.  November last year 3 of us (needless to say all quilters) sent our hubbies off to a Weber cooking class.  Now Karin's husband loves cooking so one can understand why he went but what Marie and I thought when we sent ours, heaven only knows expecially since none of them at that stage even had a Weber.

I guess we hoped with Karin's husband as inspiration we'd have a little more help in the cooking department and with my purchase I hoped to rekindle the interest.  I know it is still early days but I think it is paying off.  Friday evening we got beer roasted chicken and this afternoon we had the tenderest fillet stuffed with oysters, blue cheese, sour cream, sherry and a myriad of spices.  Lip smacking good!!

Meanwhile I really try to quilt a little every day but our cats are drawn to a quilt like magnets or should I say only when I want to work on it.  The quilt will sit on the table for days on end without a cat nearby but watch me move my behind on the chair to start and I have and audience!

This is Socks (ginger) and Sasky making themselves at home just as I got going and there is just no way I can move a quilt around underneath the dead weight of these two.

I so hoped to get a good session quilting in this evening but it is just not going to happen.

The only cat in the house that knows her place is Katseturi on the couch.

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