Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dog problems

Phew! What a week.  Okay the ‘hard’ family left, thank goodness but the action kept coming.  Milla, our fattest dog – we bought her as a miniature Doberman but with her appetite only the Doberman part is left – got agitated.  I couldn’t put my finger on the problem but the dog was restless beyond control and when she finally rubbed her behind against the carpet I thought:  “Aha worms!”  No biggie, I can solve this, got the tablets, gave it to the dog but nope, no change whatsoever.

So time to turn her over just to find the poor thing has a horribly swollen vagina, so bad sores were forming around it.  Off to the vet we went.  Well, well , never too old to learn.  Pure fat – Milla has an unstoppable appetite and hiding food from her is simply fooling yourself, she’ll find something somewhere.  So her belly fat was enclosing her vagina and with her age the vet suspects she might be leaking urine and this gets trapped between the fat eventually burning the skin.

Now you should have seen this vet in action.  With the dog still on her back he proceeded to show me how the skin could be cut in a T section, the fat be sucked out and then the skin flap be tightened before stitching her up and he so eagerly demonstrated how the little vagina would then ‘pop’ (I swear I could hear the sound) out again.  Serious??!!  This dog is a half breed, almost 12 years old, annoying as hell and then he honestly thinks I’m going to pay for plastic surgery on a DOG!!

So seemingly impressed I ask what the alternative would be and yip, much more in my price range.  Keep her dry as much as possible with ordinary baby powder.

So sorry Milla if you want to eat until your vagina starts hiding from you, go ahead my dear dog, plastic surgery is out of the question! 

Yes, I'm still quilting, just don't have a finished project to show at the moment.

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