Saturday, January 28, 2012

I’ve become a Fly Baby

Earlier this week, Tuesday to be exact, a quilter sent me a link to a site, this led to another link, which ended up at another and so forth – easily spent 3 full hours link to link being brought to an abrupt stop at FLYLADY.

 Why I stopped there?  I've been “busy” doing what so many of us do without even thinking about it…… procrastinating!!  So there was this system to get organized, do what you should instead of thinking about it or adding your thoughts to yet another list and I really needed it.

I’ve always loved cleanliness and being organized.  I know some of my friends would pop in words such as ‘clean freak or obsessed’ but 3 little things made my life so much easier.  These are planning, being organized and believing one should have a place for everything and everything should be in its place.

Now as much as I value these I occasionally do get distracted making it all the harder to get going again.  So yes, maybe it was an upper guiding hand that led me to the FLYLADY site for then everything changed and all for the better.

I already had a morning routine, what I lacked however was the ‘get dressed first’ part leading me to easily do all my household chores and starting to plan dinner in my PJ’s.  The problem being that if I needed an ingredient for any dinner I would not be dressed to quickly drive and buy it, which meant, change of plans and these could change a couple of times until I found something to make of which I had all the ingredients.  Valuable time wasted.

 So I signed up to receive the e-mails (testimonials, positive urges to get going, quick-fix to do’s) and I am amazed at what all I got done in this week only.  I have a main bedroom cleaned from top to bottom, including washed curtains and winter blankets, a tidy dressing table and nightstand, a cupboard without any clothes that I don’t like/wear, shoes sorted, carpet washed, shower glass scrubbed, you name it, I did it.

Then, apart from that, I have an organized towel cupboard, tidy car, tidy handbag, clean refrigerator, my laundry is up to date and my sink is shiny!  All of this with the attitude of “just do it for 15 minutes”.  You wouldn’t believe how many of these tasks were done way before my 15 minute alarm (cellular phone) went off.

My dear blonde didn’t think this was funny as “she’d hate someone telling her to clean” (I think she wanted me to read between the lines which I prefer not to do) but then I just thought if you want to do something, you’ll find a reason, if you don’t want to do it, you’ll find an excuse and I not only wanted a clean house I need it.  So instead of seeing FLYLADY as someone who tells me what to do, I see this as my personal assistant reminding me of my appointments.

So yes, I’ve been practicing this on my quilting as well.  I am busy quilting a Queen size but the heat is not helping much so I often tell myself to go quilt just for 15 minutes and I easily get 2 blocks quilted at a time.  Hopefully by next week I’ll have a completed quilt to show.

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