Monday, January 16, 2012

Friday the 13th – All night quilting

On Friday a couple of us decided to quilt through the night to see if we can’t make progress on our UFO’s.  We’ve been so busy with our festival projects that our own quilting has been neglected.  I don’t think any of us even realized that it was the 13th and nothing bad happened.

This time however we did it somewhat different in that we invited the men along to spend the first part of the evening with us.  They had to barbeque and after dinner they left us to do our thing.

Rina’s grandson got hold of the camera and then we all just had to pack out teeth.  The sweetest little boy ever and so over his grandpa it is just not true.

After the men left we moved in behind our machines and got some quilting done.  I was absolute stunned to see the ease with which Rina did Free motion quilting as no less than 3 weeks ago she told me that she couldn’t do it.

Unfortunately I did not finish the UFO I worked on.

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  1. Love those placemats Hettie - were you the sewist?
    Your sewing sessions sound such fun. I'm just not getting started with my quilting this year. Put it down to laziness, no motivation, whatever! And, I think, too many choices of patterns and materials!