Monday, January 04, 2010

New Years's resolution

I made only one New Years' resolution...... to quilt a little every single day.  I've noticed that too many days passed in the previous year that I didn't even touch a piece of fabric and I wanted to change that.  However, as the saying goes, "life happens while you're making other plans" and as early as the 3rd day of this new year I was unable to stick to my resolution.  The big kids came over early Sunday morning supposedly to have a quick coffee and this "quick coffee" lasted until 22:30 the evening - so much for quilting a little every day!

Today, the first Monday of the year, we all decided to get into somewhat of a routine after lazing around for 3 weeks during our summer break to prepare us for next week when the South African working year will start in all earnest for most of us again.  Started my day out with a very sweaty workout session at the gym - this is really not one of my favourite activities but something I unfortunately need to do and if I am forced to be honest, it gives one energy during the day and ensures a good nights' rest. As usual I made undone all the hard work at the gym by having several cups of coffee (with sugar and full cream milk) not an hour later when a friend came over to visit.

So finally after working through my list of housework, ticking off as something got done, I was able to start with lesson 8 of the Beginners' Sampler and completed the block.  Come to think of it.... if I can make a block a day, I should be able to finish a hell of a lot of quilts in a year.  Okay, that was just a thought, not a definite decision or a promise.

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