Saturday, December 26, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new

After spending the whole public holiday on Wednesday packing all my kitchen stuff into the new kitchen cupboards and having a go at ironing in my new space on Thursday, I decided to put a pause on this ‘good wife’ act and spend some time in my sewing room as I really wanted to finish the hexagon barstool covers to match the black, white and silver of the kitchen. Hubby offered to buy new chairs for the kitchen (in a brushed steel look) but even so, these little barstools always come in handy whenever I have a group of quilters over, so I might as well do something quilting-related with the covers.

Daughter-in-law who often claims she cannot cut, cannot iron and cannot sew (rather dumb for a teacher??) was proven wrong as she simply had to help – in exchange for wine…. there has to be a pay-off with this little one and did very well cutting, ironing and sewing. Just wondering whether I am creating another quilting addict?

These weren’t made in the tradition English paper piecing method, merely cut out, ironed to an interfacing backing and then sewn over the edges with a metallic thread using a zigzag stitch. Finally finished I got the 2 men in my life to staple these on Christmas Eve!!

Completed: 24 December 2009

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