Sunday, December 13, 2009

My N-R-M-T days

As a rule I am a very organized, very tidy and list driven person but as I get older I’ve noticed that I occasionally have these “no-rules-multi-tasking” days and I am enjoying these all the more. Where, on ordinary days, I would get up, get dressed and work my way through my list not allowing myself to wander off even in thought, my N-R-M-T days are so totally different and I am afraid I have to admit to my ‘o-so-organized’ self that I actually get more done on these days!!

I don’t GET up, I WAKE up nicely, dress in the most basic, skipping the hairdo and make-up part and step one is taking my coffee and retreating to my sewing room where I decide what I WANT to do today instead of what I HAVE to and I would start, sorting fabric, looking for  or working on patterns, adjusting tension on my machine or whatever comes to mind and when nothing comes to mind………… I will take a walk (in the house) start the washing machine, make the beds, do the dishes and believe me, while doing these HAVE TO’S so much comes to mind and I would stop there and then going back to what I want to do.
Late afternoon when I really need to take a shower I am amazed at what I have accomplished not following a single rule or working from a list. I would either have started, finished or at least got an idea for a new quilting project, the house would be tidy, bedding replaced, mattresses vacuumed, insect repellent sprayed at the doorways, laundry and ironing done………. much more than I would have done on a regular day.

Unfortunately old habits die hard and after taking a shower, doing my hair and make-up, the sewing room (in a very messy state by now) would be cleaned immaculately, ready for my next ‘list’ day.


  1. I am so in sync with your daily routine I could just picture you moving about. Why do you think I am soooooo late in leaving a comment. I am just going to call you my twin quilting sister. Wishing you all the best in the New Year. Happy Quilting.

  2. Hi Vicky
    Great to hear from you. I love my quilting but o boy, not so clever with the writing about it part. Even got my hubby to play my Facebook games on my behalf!! Start teaching in Feb this year (beginners and different workshops) and was asked to be more productive with writing my blog. So I'll try.