Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Outsourcing and Valium

I had such a productive quilting day. To get myself motivated for the new year I quickly paged through my "How to be a Perfect Housewife" (author Anthea Turner) book and as if a higher force wanted to put me at ease because all I really wanted to do was quilt, I opened on the page where she explains that there is nothing wrong with getting help and that is just what I did.  After I arranged with 2 cleaning ladies to come in and do all my windows and gave Milla (our fattest little dog) her valium - she suffers from major muscle spasms brought on by tension especially if we have strangers in the house - with Milla relaxed as can be, I could quilt to my hearts' delight, which I did. 

I finished a small hand quilting project which I started when doing a class with national teacher, Sue Prins, in November but still need to do the binding and then I did 2 more blocks and Powerpoint notes for the beginners' course so the quilt on my design wall is slowly but surely taking on shape.

The other good news is that my imported kitchen floors have arrived and hubby and crew will be fitting it tomorrow.  I have a nervous excitement about this.  Hubby tried everything to persuade me to choose something else but once I saw this design (- the best I can describe it would be to say it looks like water puddles on a tarred road -) I wanted it.  The kitchen was designed by an architect and even though I love it, almost too picture perfect and seeing that the architect had no say whatsoever in the floors, I wanted something that represented a little of the 'not-always-so-perfect' me.  Fingers crossed that opposites would attract in this case too!!

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