Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Basic background blocks done!

Had a birthday party for hubby at home on Saturday evening and weren’t up to much the Sunday. Lazed around (mostly in bed) watching the Australian Open Tennis and only started feeling guilty about the undone housework, rather late in the day. Had some bad news too when we discovered Sushi, the ginger cat that arrived on our doorstop some 3 months ago, ran over by a car. Old Socks (the other ginger cat) is devastated and misses his buddy. Decided to get up early Monday and make it a productive day, which I did.

Just before the big kids came over for dinner, I started with the rest of my design challenge blocks, thinking that if I can do all 12, I only have the appliqué per month to do and I actually got to finish the remaining 11 basic blocks.

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