Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 Beginners' Sampler

With the most welcome summer rains falling softly outside and the Australian Open Tennis on TV, I finished my beginner’s sampler quilt this morning after taking Blou (translated = Blue) the ring-neck parrot to the vet. Still not sure what’s up with Blou, so another visit to a vet flying in from Stellenbosch tomorrow morning. Ideal opportunity to take Meeko, the African Grey, and one of the younger cockatiels (we ran out of names for them) for check-ups as well.

As if we don’t have enough pets, my blonde went to Kentucky to buy lunch one afternoon during a break in her classes and instead of getting food, she came home with a tiny little black street cat, now named Catsidy. Catsidy is officially cat number 4 in this house and has taken to quilting and the sewing machine as if he’d done this in a previous lifetime.

Completed: 22 January 2010

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