Thursday, February 15, 2018

Total frustration

Whoever said “lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same spot” was either not very clever or didn’t stay in our house.  First hit was on 9 January, leaving us weeks without internet, although it felt like months. Luckily we were insured and we just got paid some 2 days ago and even more lucky, the TV and sound system has not yet been replaced but then, lightning struck again last night.  Same old, same old and we are back to square one. I thought with having my laptop formatted at the same time as the previous computer/router fixes, it wouldn’t affect me much but I’ve been trying to use my “new” laptop now for 2 days straight and all I get is “do not switch off your computer, updates installing”.

To add to the bad news I had a technician out earlier the day to check on a freezer just to be informed that it cannot be repaired with a neat R450,00 call out fee.

As the saying goes “the darkest cloud has a silver lining” I finally got my ruler base for my longarm and I am rather eager to start practising on this little addition.

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