Sunday, February 11, 2018

Marie’s Quilt top

We had the little ones for a sleep-over…. Well at least they slept.  The little man seems to get nightmares and cried bitterly sad, from being fast asleep, twice during the night, leaving me unable to sleep again.  Hubby too had an eventful night in that the alarm company of the business phoned him a couple of times.  It lead to us two old people to hit a bed rather early yesterday evening.  They did have fun though and swam until they got tired.

Our local Pfaff dealer also gave me her beginners quilt top to play with on the frame and I had so much fun, just a pity it was done in 2 afternoons and I guess if I want more, I better start cutting and piecing and that part takes forever and a day.

I still have a lot to learn but I see progress with every quilt I do.  This is the front of her top.

This is the back.

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  1. you are having fun it looks like. The sleep will come with a couple naps after they leave. I know I am just now sleeping normal after a week of them going home. Chris