Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sonja’s Quilt top

Even though this being a stunning top, I found the story behind it hilarious.  Sonja’s mom asked her to donate a quilt top to be raffled for some ladies’ group to raise funds.  Apart from having the two already finished tops, rejected for having too harsh colours and Sonja hurriedly having to make another in softer pastels, she then was asked THIS question….. “could the back be used as the top?”  Now I fully understand that I don’t get anyone’s love of gardening and I respect people not appreciating our hobby but really……, wanting to use a mottled pink backing as the top instead of this stunning top?

After Sonja dropped her top off by me to be quilted the only sentence that stuck was “could the back be used as the top” and by golly, not even knowing any of these ladies, I planned my quilting around “what would it look like from the back?”  Ridiculous, I know, but it got me thinking out of the box and with having received my ruler base on the same day Sonja dropped the top, I had serious planning and experimenting to do. It turns out my expectations were set somewhat high in that I did not consider throat space when drawing up straight lines, so last minute change of plans.  I suppose it could be done if you don’t have a time limitation but Sonja needed this quilt finished over the weekend.

Once done I took it from the frame, just to discover I forgot to quilt certain areas on one side.  Back on the frame and by golly, once Sonja arrived and looked at the back (we are infatuated with the look from ‘the other side’ aren’t we?) she too saw areas that I didn’t quilt.

Too late then as she wanted to use the afternoon/evening to put the binding on and once this is done, we’ll give it yet a third time on the frame and hopefully resolve all issues.

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  1. Where is the photo of the back then? Just kidding! Looks stunning. You are quilting like a pro already or should I say again? Now to get Sonja quilting her own tops...