Sunday, June 04, 2017

Dinosaur rag quilt – 4

I had my first appointment at 10 am on Saturday morning visiting a French market held locally.  This gave me enough time to ready myself, run through the house to tidy, start the laundry and I got a little quilting done too.
Then to the another side of town for a brunch at a local art gallery/restaurant and they even exhibited a quilt from someone I know but being an art gallery I was not allowed to take any photos.  Stuffed to the brim I tackled my third appointment...… sale shopping for fleece at an annual fabric (non- quilting) vendor.  The service was poor but the prices good and I use these as backing for kids- or winters’ quilts for either extra softness and/or heat.  I think I did well.
Had a little of what was left of the late afternoon and rest of the evening to quilt and I now know why won’t ever ONLY make rag quilts.  All went by so quickly until I got to snip the seam allowances.  What a job and I ended up with a blister where the scissors repeatedly pressed down on my finger
Laid the quilt down on the table and tried to double-check that I’ve clipped all the seams.  After a while staring at these at night, you do not really see anything anymore.
Then dearest Dinosaur rag quilt went right to the washing machine.

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