Saturday, January 28, 2017

Secret circle project revealed

The next big event for this year was the Kitchen tea for my daughter, our youngest, and it happened on her dad’s birthday using this to invite her over for some snacks with her not knowing that it is actually her kitchen tea.  My dearest daughter-in-law is an astronomical organiser and with my injured shoulder I cannot thank her enough for everything she did, planned and stepped up to.

I made all these tulle pom-poms to hang from the roof as decorations but fortunately these were made before I hurt my shoulder.

I’ve been working on a secret circle project for a while and I can now reveal what it was.  With my daughter getting married I wanted to give her something she could remember her kitchen tea by and made these place mats to match her black and white dinner set and appliqued coloured circles on it and the guest used these to write their names and a short message on a circle.

These would still be used at her bachelorette for those who did not attend the Kitchen tea to continue with the messages.

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