Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Being a Fly Baby again

I started this New Year with a bang and hope to keep it up.  For one I subscribed to the Fly Lady daily e-mails again.  Did this a couple of years ago, got my house to almost perfection but as time went by things slowly started to deteriorate as one gets distracted by other things.  The lovely part is that I still kept up so many of the good habits and when I read today’s mission – to clean the entrance to my house – I saw that this, once was a dumping ground for everyone’s keys, phones, shopping lists, unwanted mail and everything else was perfectly intact and whatever was in there should be there.

However the one habit that I let slide is to declutter for 15 minutes every day.  Initially I only did this in my sewing room but when you see how much unneeded stuff one accumulates you do come to the conclusion that the rest of the house must have the same and more of these.

Having a function at my house later this month also nudged me to take a good and serious look at our entertainment room and I got started in there.  Now as little as anyone likes cleaning one must agree there are few feelings as good as the one you get when you get to sit back with a cuppa realising you did a job well.  This is the first cupboard cleared of clutter and packed ready to entertain.

Well I do not only clean and keep breaking up my decluttering in 15 minute sections and I actually get some quilting/sewing done too. I spent New Year’s Day morning totally relaxed, starting to finish my mystery table runner and I am almost done.

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