Friday, January 27, 2017

Our new and only grandson

This year started off with a bang and occasionally some less bangy moments.

My eager decluttering came to an abrupt halt after falling and hurting my shoulder on 22 December 2016.  At first I felt that something wasn’t right but it was really not that bad but with every unpacking, wiping, washing, sorting session I had, it worsened. 

Eventually I admitted defeat and went to see a physiotherapist and the treatment made a massive difference for at least one day and then all the aches and pains returned.  So for a couple of weeks now and after several treatment sessions which still doesn’t seem to help, I’ve been hanging around in every room of the house with nothing positive to show.  I simply cannot stretch my arm forward for the life of me.  It is like a dead weight hanging useless next to my side.   Frustrating, especially as we returned back to the office on Monday, 9 January and I wanted to do so much more before then.

Our new grandson was born on 19 January, as good as they get but there was hardly time to revel in this amazing event as we still had a Kitchen tea and Bachelorette to plan for my daughter, our youngest.

However for now I can at least show off the new little man, still only able to sleep and feed and not causing much more excitement.


  1. Sorry you still haven't recovered. I know the feeling. Some days I just hurt so bad I want to just scream. Your little guy looks really content there. My Granddaughter is growing like a weed. She was so big to begin with and is now in 3/6 month clothing and only 3 weeks. Hug them while they are little. They don't want that when they get older. Chris

  2. He is gorgeous!  Must take after his Grandma....