Thursday, January 05, 2017

Mystery completed

And finally I have my Hillbilly Space Journey mystery tablerunner completed and what a feeling this time of the year.

I deferred somewhat (not totally) from the finishing tips shared by Tonya on her blog over HERE. I too kept the folded edges of my EPP project folded under and cut the batting right up to this folded edge of the top.

The backing however I left almost half an inch larger than the batting/top layer.  I then quilted the top keeping clear of about half inch from the edge.

This allowed me to fold the backing over the batting tucking it in under the top.  So I could simply use quick slip stitches to hold the edges together instead of tedious tiny ladder stitches to try and hide the batting from popping out. This worked really well.

In the end I simply stitched a straight stitch a quarter inch from the outer edge.

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