Monday, December 26, 2016

Another Christmas done

And so this festive season came to an end but apart from being extremely hot, it all went well and I regard myself fortunate to have both my kids living in the same city and being able to have them all over for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  Needless to say, overeating galore happens during this time.  I left it to the girls to decorate the table with only one request that it shouldn’t be red or green.  Red is just a way too hot colour for the weather we experience this time of the year.  I think they did well.

Dearest granddaughter however came over to stay earlier and still shows no signs of wanting to return home.  In fact, the moment her parents leave, she turns into a totally different person and wraps us around her little finger like crazy.  Swims with her Oupa, who obviously allows her to do things in the pool that would give her parents heart attacks and with total admiration, she’d come up from under the water, looks at Oupa with those angel eyes and say things like:  “Oupa you are so cool, no wait…. You are amazing.”  Now what more motivation does any granddad need?

Having her over and her extreme excitement over every single gift – she opens everybody’s for them – makes Christmas just so much more special.

However cleaning house and quilting will have to wait until this young lady decides to go home eventually.

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