Sunday, December 11, 2016

Alternative sewing

I am still working on my secret circle project and cannot share at this stage but in between I’ve done some alternative sewing.

With the festive season upon us and it being a very hot summer in sunny South Africa, we spend most of our time around the swimming pool with the kids, granddaughter and other family members or friends.  Being the woman of the house, I however still need to attend to the normal household chores and has to get in and out of the swimming pool frequently to return to the inside of the house.

Now, walking around in a swimsuit while working in the kitchen and being a grandmother already, just does not sit well with me.  Especially now, my son is all grown and my future son-in-law also spends his days with us.

Then I saw these beautiful dress-like swimming suits on the internet and I thought these were absolutely perfect for women my age until I saw the price.  Totally outrages, I could care less about exactly how perfect they were.

So I improvised.  Took a bikini I already had, bought a small piece of Bon-bon fabric, measure myself and voila, stitched this to the bikini top and I have the picture perfect swimming suit at a fraction of the price, covering at least my behind.  So I reckon I am all set for this festive season.

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