Thursday, December 22, 2016

Secret Circle project

For the last couple of weeks, this was all I did and I am finally done but still can’t show any photos before the end of January, as this is a surprise for someone special.

In fear of this person coming to my house and catching me working on the project I had to either do it early mornings (5 am) or late nights and should I dare to be brave enough to work a little during the day, I would have to take it out from under the machine, hide it in a cupboard whenever I got up for any short amount of time.  No fun working like that and my heart went out to all those crafters without a proper room to work in.  If I had to take stuff out and pack it away whenever done, I would never attempt anything.

My eyes have however not stopped wandering on what other quilters are doing and I saw so many interesting ideas that I’d like to give a try….. Graffiti quilts, gradient quilts (or then made with gradient fabric) and fidget quilts for people with Alzheimer’s.

My mom had Alzheimer’s and I remember she’d only read one magazine and the same one article day after day after day.  So I can imagine that a person with Alzheimer’s might find stimulation in unzipping a zipper or fastening a button over and over.  Something I would really like to do.

 I also downloaded a couple of free and paid for patterns but when I will ever get around to doing these, heaven only knows.

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  1. Congratulations on completing your secret project. Luckily, you've been able to keep the recipient from seeing it. Enjoy some quiet time and have fun determining what project you will work on next.