Saturday, February 04, 2017

The Bachelorette and thereafter

It seems nowadays youngster are simply not just content with a Kitchen tea prior to getting married and this is regarded as an activity for the ‘older’ folks.  So the Kitchen tea on Wednesday was followed by a Bachelorette the Friday evening for the younger generation.

Now being older I simply went for the welcome drinks and snacks at DIL’s house and did the limousine ride with my daughter to the first place of gathering.  We were welcomed with cocktails and then the sexy lingerie was opened and shown.  Gosh they do have really pretty stuff nowadays and she got enough to last her on a month long honeymoon!

This being done I chose to go home and leave the brave ones to their own devices.  They are adults after all.

Now without my daughter knowing about the place mats I made, she wanted a quilt signed on her wedding day.  Luckily I don’t have to have the quilt completed before then. I just had to cut the blocks to be signed and make the sign/indication to show the guests what was expected from them and with a shoulder feeling like it is going to tear out of my body at any moment, I did this.

 These will be put up against a wall in a frame at the entrance of the venue later today.

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  1. Sounds like you maybe need some more attention on your shoulder. Hopefully you get better soon. Chris