Sunday, February 19, 2017

Being rid of my frozen shoulder

After 2 months of pure hell in pain, I got a cortisone injection directly into my shoulder and I IMMEDIATELY (sounds unbelievable but true) had relief.  I almost cried that afternoon, this time not of pain but because of the pure joy to be able to move again and get things done and boy, did I get it done!

The first evening it seemed I was so used to waking up every two hours due to the pain that I didn’t sleep well at all but (as if I knew it would happen, which I didn’t) I bought myself 2 new books the afternoon and when awake almost finished half at the first book during the night.

The next morning I could finally continue with my spring cleaning and decluttering that I so badly wanted to have finished by the time my daughter got married on 4 February.  I moved mountains, took off all 3 the spare bedrooms’ bedding and washed these, thoroughly cleaned out and decluttered our main bathroom, prepared a massive Sunday lunch for us and the one set of kids (the other set had prior arrangements). I then opted to rest the shoulder (even though moderate exercise is good for this condition) during the late afternoon and evening but at least I feel like a complete human again.

So although no quilting done my guest bedrooms are as neat and ready as can be for the next person in need of a place to crash.

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  1. Love your quilts. Can't wait to see yur knew creations now that you are healing.