Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Universal Beauty

I planned this quilt around the universe panel and started it when Karin and I took a weekend out to their cabin over HERE.

When I first saw this panel at our local PFAFF dealer I knew I had to make my son a quilt using this.  However soon forgotten the panel ended up in a drawer until 4 of us discovered we had the same fabric and decided to make something of it as explained in THIS post.

Back from the cabin I refused to pack the fabric away as my son's birthday is in August and I really wanted to finish it in time.  So I would work a little on it every single day.  Well, glad to report that it got done in time.

I don't often get too many things exactly right but it so turned out that this birthday quilt for my first born was finished on the day that his wife gave birth to their first born - theirs only being a little girl.

For anyone wondering why on earth I would give my adult son a universe panel quilt, I think if I tell you that he named his little girl, Lleia - after princess Leia in Star Wars it would all make sense.

Here proud dad is holding his daughter after her first bath.

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