Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The value of having your machine serviced.

In my post HERE I complained about the problems I encountered while echo quilting a large quilt and much to my dismay read a blog post in which directional quilting was discussed even suggesting that machines aren't supposed to free motion in every direction.  Not what I wanted to hear and when I took my machine for a service my major complaint was that it won't sew if I pulled the fabric towards me.  My dear PFAFF dealer did not blink an eye upon hearing this, so I decided not to tell her about the blog I read.

With my machine back after the service I was simply too scared to continue the echo quilting and did other projects first but one can only postpone this long and eventually I fetched the quilt from the spare bedroom and started again.  Well hooray for my PFAFF Grand Quilter, it worked!!!  In every directions for any length of time and I soon finished the quilting on my Simple Yet Elegant quilt.  In fact I had so much fun having my machine back that long after I was done with the binding I continued thread sketching most of the applique shapes to give these a little dimension.  Okay, maybe they don't look all that different but I just didn't want to stop.

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