Monday, August 13, 2012

Forgotten Flatley

I made this little 30" wall hanging somewhere in between organizing parties in July.  One has to do something to maintain your sanity amidst all the chaos of organizing functions.  I saw the completing date on the label says:  21 July 2012 - so the day after the blonde turned 21 and I can imagine myself having the binding ready for hand sewing on a day when I just needed to relax.

I love doing a little hand work as it lets me unwind and relax totally.  I however totally forgot to post this to blogger.  When I bought the fabric from our local PFAFF dealer she remarked that the colors in my main fabric looked flat.  Flat or not I like the way it turned out, so the name comes from her idea of flat colors.


  1. Doesn't look flat in the picture. Very interesting piece. Chris

  2. It's so beautiful! Nothing looks flat to me! Very vibrant and rich!