Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fiesta BOM – Block 5

Ha!... if you’re good, you’re good!  Done with block 5 of my Fatcatpatterns BOM Fiesta and up to date.  That while taking care of my 82-year-old mom who moved in with us about a month ago and having my 80-year old mother-in-law visiting and having friends over for dinner tonight. 

Okay, closer to the truth is that I had to finish block 5 in order to have a table to serve dinner on, so I stepped it up a notch and got done.

I now work in my entertainment-/classroom as my sewing room is halfway between the room my  mom stays in and her bathroom.  I thought it was brilliant as this way I could hear her and see her movements however this plan backfired soon.  My mom has very little memory left, so there I would be sitting in my sewing room, working on notes for a class when in she’d come with a “what are you doing?  Quickly scratch my back.” and off to the bathroom she goes to return a minute or so later, peeking in the door, repeating “what are you doing? Quickly scratch my back.”  I nearly went insane but realized only I could do something about it.

So apart from rubbing her from top to toe with virgin olive oil (for possible itching) after every shower I moved out of my sewing room and both of these seem to work.  Mom isn’t itching anymore but I am almost too scared to move back to my sewing room for even only the “what are you doing?” halfway through a sentence being typed would still drive me nuts.

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  1. It maybe is just nerves. She realizes you hae someone else there. The blocks are really colorful. Chris