Thursday, June 09, 2011

Fiesta BOM – Border Blocks

It has been a bitterly cold and unusual wet week in our dear central South Africa and to top it all I’ve been as sick as a dog, still left with not much of a voice; so what was a girl to do?

Just as the rest of the creatures in the house I found myself a cozy spot and started working on the appliqué border blocks of the Fiesta BOM by Fatcatpatterns

It took me what seems to be forever to trace and cut the heaps of tiny appliqué shapes in fact I ended up with dish-loads full of them.

Tonight however I ironed on the very last piece to have 14 identical border blocks done.  Okay, so all the shapes are only ironed down and I still need to stitch all of these but I figured it would be better to finish all the blocks first and then start the stitching as then I can do all the navy pieces whilst having navy thread on the machine and so forth.

Still rather chuffed with my accomplishment thus far.

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