Saturday, January 01, 2011

Year End Blues

Returned from Karin’s Cabin earlier yesterday and yes, nice to be home, see the pets, be back in familiar surroundings but with it comes the responsibility – tidy, wipe, cook, plan, pay attention, talk to, check this, do that, sort, organize…… the list never ends and then to add to my misery I decided to make a list of my UFO’s and a list of the quilts I’ve already committed myself to make during 2011. If I am kind to myself and split the Dear Jane blocks in groups, according to color, I have exactly 22 UFO’s. If I count Dear Jane as 1 single UFO (I know myself well enough to realize there’s just no way I’d stick to one UFO of this size and finish it in one go, so why try to fool myself??) I have 12 of these little buggers.
My list of quilts already committed to in 2011 starts off with 6 on the list!!
Enough reason to have a couple of drinks and it will definitely not only be celebrating the New Year.

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