Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 4 @ Karin's Cabin

So proud of myself for staying awake ALL DAY yesterday and we didn’t even go to bed all that early.  However we didn’t quite work all the time – here the two of us are snapped taking one of our many mini breaks – just sitting back having coffee.
Karin finished 2 UFO tops and has every reason to feel proud.  By late afternoon the lounge looked like a warzone and we decided to start packing up and clean.
Before long the house was as clean as could be and no-one would even ever guess that we worked here and left the whole carpet covered with layers of thread.
After finishing the binding I worked on my Dear Jane blocks and finished 7
Clean house and plenty of quilting done – enough reason to celebrate our time here.
Thank you Karin, I had a wonderful time...... even though I had to do all the cooking (darn!!)

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