Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 3 @ Karin's Cabin

O boy the fresh air got to me badly – I had a hard time staying awake even though I took naps every afternoon.  Why Karin bothered to invite me nobody knows as she might as well have come all on her own.  I slept the first 2 days away but did much better on day 3.  Today I even took some handwork downstairs and sat outside doing it obviously still dressed in PJ’s.
I still take plenty of time just staring at my surroundings doing nothing else than taking in the view and man nature is stunning, we should really take more time just to appreciate it.  This is what I got to look at while outside.  Notice the baby in the right bottom corner of the photo?
The lighting in the cabin was not quite planned to host a quilting event but watch 2 quilters not being bothered at all – quilting in almost total dark!!
Even Nordick, Karin’s African Grey, sat with us every step of the way, ever so talkative.

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