Sunday, December 12, 2010

Part 3 done

Now this was a tedious step and seemed to last forever and then ‘strip piecing’ is regarded as a ‘fast’ way of making a quilt!?? I am referring to Quiltville’s latest mystery quilt. Luckily friend Karin got a new PFAFF Grand Quilter and we just had to celebrate this with another ‘quilt-thru-the night’ session at her house.
See the new baby is still way too young to be taken anywhere, so I had to go to her. Her husband, bless his soul, served us with dinner and wine, so we could sit back and stitch until the wee hours of the morning.

Still………… I did not finish my 60 strip-pieced blocks then. I tried several methods to speed the process up but to no avail .Started off by doing it Bonnie’s way but used stitch-‘n-tear to sew the strips onto.
Then I thought stitching non-stop strips and simply cutting the squares out would go faster and tried this method.
It turned out 6 of the one and a half a dozen of the other, it stayed a LONG process but I finally finished today and however painful the process still not as painful as this!!

Note to DH – very bad idea to take your employees to paintball for a year-end function. Remember not everyone likes the boss!!

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